Iterate web request - ability to specify dynamic URL

Not sure if I’m missing something but assume I have a table with URL’s and want to dynamically call each one to retrieve and store the response BODY from the webpage in a new field (the same way Iterate Web request works with a URL specified in the connector), how do I do that?

It appears that the web request action requires a connector (static base URL) to be specified and there appears to be no way to over-ride that with a dynamic table based URL column value.

The effective request URL (for both Web Request and Iterate Web Request) is combined from 2 parts:

  1. The endpoint (base) URL set in the Web Location connector (always static). For instance
  1. The path provided in the (Iterate) Web Request action (static or dynamic)

In the Web Request action the path can be static, or dynamically defined by a parameter, or static text inlined with parameters, e.g.


In this case the effective request URL would be (if {CustID} is equal say 123):

Besides that, in the Iterate Web Request action you can specify the path using a column value. See below:


In this case the effective URL for each request will be combined from the base URL provided by the connector, and the path from the specified column.