Iterate Table with Column option or any other approach for multi column similar processing

Hello Everyone,

I have a data table where many columns need similar processing and ‘Iterate with column’ is the nearest solution which I can think of to be suited here. But there are few conditions which do not seem to be supported by Iterate with column option as there is no way to pass other columns from the same data table as helper columns along with the main columns which need process.

I have tried to explain below the requirement. Please suggest if this is possible someway or any better alternative.

Thank you,

Hi Ashish,

While it’s not possible to pass the entire dataset with the “Iterate column” action, you can save the source dataset into a .dset file using the “Export dataset” action before iterations. Then read it in every iteration using the “Import dataset” action. The .dset format is very fast, so it shouldn’t slow down your workflow much.