Iterate over dimension to export files

I am looking to iterate over a dimension and create excel exports with filenames based on the dimension value. I have the dimension I want to use isolated in a table and I want to try to create a parameter off the values. After I create the parameter, then I want to finish my transformations and loop over each row of the parameter using it as a filter and also in the file name of the resulting excel file

So to summarize, it is open a large QVD, then take distinct values of one column, which could be different through different source files and create a parameter to iterate over and use as a filter and file naming variable.

Hi Ken and welcome to the Community!

If I understood the description correctly, you are looking to partition a large QVD file and process each partition individually, saving the result into an Excel file named after the partition.

It can be done with the "Iterate table" action. Еhe project below demonstrates how to use it.

Module "Main"
iterate table.morph (5.4 KB)

Module "Loop"

Dmitry, thanks, that worked well. I was able to take it a step further and create unique combinations of two fields and dedup those and feed them to the param in the loop. I appreciate your prompt reply!

Thanks for the heads up, Ken. Glad to hear it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for the solution, this is very informative.

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