Iterate challenge (Web Request)

Hi there,

Getting enthousiastic about EasyMorph, and learning a lot!
Have a question:
I have this SessionID (which I retrieve based on an API query that uses an AccessKey, and it refreshes with each session):
Which I want to use as a parameter in an API query.
So I move it via Iterate:
In the receiving side, I want to use it as parameter in my query parameters. But it doesn´t seem to work.

Has anyone an idea of what I am missing here?
If I haven’t provided enough information, please let me know!
Thanks a lot in advance for your answer(s)! :slight_smile:


Hi Arend and welcome to the Community!

Maybe a silly question - what makes you think it doesn't work?

I think I understand where the question comes from. Check out this answer:

it’s not working…
keeps loading a long time.
When I manually enter the retrieved sessionID it works immediately… But passing it on via iterate doesn’t work…

I tried iterate web request as well… can’t get it working…

This works fine (with setting the parameter manually:

But this doesn’t, with setting the parameter in a column, and then using that value in the iterate web request:
Setting in the iterate web request

Any idea?

Hi - I’ve run into this a few times where I thought I needed a string and instead it was an integer. I started ensuring that I used astext() around it or asnumber() whichever you need.

Hope that helps

  1. Import from Web API automatically adds header Accept with value application/json, application/xml . But (Iterate)WebRequest doesn't. Try to add this header manually.
  2. On the tab Response choose options Return response as the action result and Add columns with request headers, body.
    Make a request. A Response-Body should contain server response with error description.

Thanks all for your answers. As ckononenko mentions, the solution was with this:
I need to select that in the Response.
After that the step would be to parse it as XML, and voila!

Again, thanks all!