Issues with keep/remove action

sometimes I've problems with merge and keep/remove action. In the example in attach, I try to remove from left table the results of the right table using both first column as matching column. As you can see, the rows are still there. I'm using version.



What are your settings for the match?

Make sure that the matched values don't have trailing spaces or invisible characters (compare text lengths).

my settings are:

  • Remove matching
  • Lookup Table --> Elenco Fatture Fornitori...

@dgudkov both tables derived from same source, so the field is the same... I think that there are no spaces or invisible characters... any suggest?

Can you please send your project to


What does this table look like after that filter?

Hi everyone, unfortunately I was never able to replicate the error... we can also close the task.
@nicktagz the fact is that after applying the block in the left table, the lines remained there instead of disappearing... even if the correspondences were identical.