Issues for latest version 4.6

Hi all,

Just to share with you, when I installed latest version 4.6, I could not run one important project. And all the steps are not calculated with the Auto-run mode. I tried to close the EM, and re-launch it, and hit different buttons, yet could not get the project run.

Another issue is that, it could show 2 errors in one project, (there was no errors at version 4.5) yet could not show the hyper link to the step with error.

In order to fix these issues, I uninstall the 4.6 and re-install 4.5, all issues gone.
Could anyone look into these issues in 4.6? Thanks!


Hi Cambridge, and welcome to the Community!

It seems like the expressions in calculated parameters BigBox.Vol and SmallBox.Vol start from the equality sign ‘=’. You can remove it. So instead of


You can write just


Version 4.6 uses a new expression syntax. It’s supposed to be completely backwards compatible with the old one. However, this case isn’t handled properly. It will be fixed soon.

Many thanks dgudkov, You’re right, after removing the ‘=’, it works in version 4.6 as well.

Hi Dmitry,

What are the big changes in the new syntax ?


@reynsnivea It was described here:

Nice !


Is the bug already fixed since we will upgrade soon to the new version?

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It will be fixed in version 4.6.1 to be released next week.