Issue with EasyMorph Server after Update


we´ve updated EasyMorph Server yesterday and now we have the following error message:

The Projects we´ve configured were built with Version 3.7. Is that the problem or was the update from the Server wrong?


Hello Michael,

Which version of EasyMorph Server have you installed?

We´ve installed Version 3.7.2. When we update the server, the issue will be solved?

Michael, a few weeks ago Dmitry asked you to replace Morph.DataDrivers.dll in the Server installation folder with Morph.DataDrivers.dll from the desktop version.

It’s possible that file EM Server installer can’t update that file because of some file system permissions.

Can you please try to:

  1. Stop the EM Server
  2. Delete Morph.DataDrivers.dll from the Server installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\EasyMorph Server)
  3. Run the installer of your current EM Server version once again.


Thanks for the solution. But we will update the Server to Version 3.8. On that way the issue should be solved, too? Or should we have to try your way to solve the issue?

Kind regards, Michael

If I have guessed correctly about the source of that error, updating to 3.8 will not fix it.

But you can try to install version 3.8 after deleting Morph.DataDrivers.dll from EM Server folder.

Can you help me please.

I was looking for the Server 3.8 but i always find the client version. Our IT support ask me for it.
Where can i download the Server Update?

Here it is:

After updating Server to Version 3.8 and replacing .dll data, the server works well.

Thanks a lot.