Issue with Dset file import

Hi Dmitry,
Having issue with importing .dset file. Below is the screenshot.

Please advise

What happened before it stopped opening? Did you modify the file (e.g. appended new rows/columns), or did you update EasyMorph? Also, what's your current version?

Dset file is created just last week and in our process, we append the file multiple time from couple of different workflows. EasyMorph version is which I updated starting of January.

Can you please send the file to our support email,, or share it to that email address via a file-sharing service?

We've found a potential root of the problem caused when a column was renamed. A bugfix will be available by the end of the day.

@lvkohli please update your EasyMorph Desktop and Server to the version 5.7 from our website: EasyMorph | All downloads

Let me know if the problem persists.