Issue with db custom command iteration

I have a db custom command that updates specific fields on my SQL database.
When I manually run the command from his module all works fine:

If I run the command from an iteration action, nothing happens on the database.

Where am I wrong?

thank you

Hi Claudio,

Can you please post a screenshot of the whole SQL query in the “Edit” mode.

Also, which value is selected in the “When an iteration fails” option of the “Iterate” action?

Hi Andrew and thanks,
here the first screen requested:

It is selected “Halt project”, if I select “Collect errors” the column with Iteration errors is empty.


Claudio, most likely, something is off with the calculation of the {QueryDate} parameter. Can you please post a screenshot of that’s parameter expression?

Here it is

it’s only to add the two ’

Thank you for the screenshot.

Everything looks good to me. Can’t think of a reason for the data not being updated.

You can try to compose the whole query in a calculated parameter. This way, you’ll be able to see the exact queries being executed. You can do that by adding the “Parameter table” action to the end of the table in the submodule and switching the “Iterate” action to the “Iterate and append results” mode.

Hi Claudio,

Did you consider using the “Update database table” action? With the action, you can update all the necessary records at once without iterations.

Hi Dmitry,
yes I could but the origin table has not the same data organization of the destination, so it should be less easy.
Anyway, as this seems something not related to easymorph, because on your machine it works, my next step wil be to try to restart my db server. Hope this help me…