Issue when documenting a project in version

I’ve got the following error message when trying do generate a documentation in version

This happends only on this project.
The documentation is OK on v3.6

The diagnostic info gives : EasyMorph version:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Famille 10.0.16299
Total physical memory: 7,98 GB

Scanning debug logs for exceptions…
13 files scanned, 1 files contain exceptions.

Any idea?

Hi Michel,

Could you please send us the project and a debug log with exception?


This is a highly sensitive project. I need to anonymize the data first.
Then, how could I send you the project? Have you a personal corporate adress?

Michel, just send the project without data to our support email.

Thanks, Michel. The bug has been fixed. Download the updated version ( on our web-site.

Works perfectly fine now!
Thanks for your reactivity.

You’re welcome!