Iserror doesn't work

Hey there,

i have a Problem with the function iserror. When i try the following code

iserror(date(“01120005”, “ddMMyyyy”))

i get the error: “Not a legal OleAut date”

Normally, it would have to emit a false or ?

Thanks in Advance and best regards


In this case the problem is not with iserror() but with incorrect behavior of date() for wrong dates. Give us 24 hours to fix it.

The bug has been fixed. The updated version is available on our download page:

Thanks for your fast help


i got a new problem and i think it hangs together with the function “Isserror”. I uploadet the workflow to the easymorph - server. If i start it, i get the following error:

Action “Modify column (s)” in table “XXX”: Illegal OleAut -Date.

In the local - workflow i dont get an error.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance and best regards


Hi Marcell,

Which version of EasyMorph Server you are using?

Hi Andrew,

we use V.

Sorry, I didn’t indicate that in my reply but you should update your Server as well. The latest version is here: