Is it possible to load an Excel/CSV file from a URL?


I have a CSV file that is generated on-demand when someone goes to a specific link. I would like EasyMorph to be able to access this URL and download the CSV file with any changes it could have had, and then continue with the rest of actions. If not, I have to manually download the CSV file into my computer into a certain folder, and then execute all actions in project.

Is it possible to do this? For example, go to or any other link that downloads a file, and then use this file in the project?

UPDATE: I have been able to do it using the “Web Request”, and using the option “Fail if HTTP error, otherwise save response body to file”. So the response body (for example, the csv) has to be downloaded to a certain local file in the computer, and then this local file is the one that is imported as CSV into Easymorph to do the different transformations right? Is this the right way to go?

UPDATE 2: Finally I have found the action I need, it is “Download file”! With this I can download the file into my computer and then open it locally. As you see I’m very new here :slight_smile: So I think I have finally answered myself!

Thanks very much!


Hi Roberto and welcome to the Community!

Yes, the "Download file" action can download an Excel or CSV file from a website to your computer. Then it can be imported using an import action in EasyMorph.