Inverted/reversed/mirrored characters

Hello !

Your software is a very interesting one, useful for data preparation. That’s why I would like to contribute. :slight_smile:
It seems that there’s a bug concerning sas7bdat files.
I imported such a file in EasyMorph (which was previously exported from SAS EG) and noticed that many columns had their values inverted.
For example, a date column was showing “13218102” instead of “20181231” ; another was is supposed to show cities. I read instead “kroYweN” instead of “NewYork”
Any idea ? Do you have the possibility to circumvent this problem or report it to the creator of the source library ?
For now, as a solution, I replace the columns using a mirror function.
Of course, I would prefer to avoid it.
Anyway, I hope that this report will help you to enhance EM.
Thanks for your support !

Hi @SinePari,

thank you for reporting the bug. If possible, can you please send a .sas7bdat file with the problem to We will investigate it. The file will be removed permanently immediately after the investigation is complete.


Hi Dgudkov !
Unfortunately, I can’t send you this particular file which is large by the way but I will try to create a dummy/fake database from the same program and check if the values have the same behavior when imported in EM. Maybe I’ll be able to help that way.
Meanwhile, I opened the file with a text editor (Notepad++) ; most of the time the data is unencrypted and visible. The values which are inverted in EM are not reversed inside the source file. Same in Tableau or SAS Universal Viewer (not inverted).
It seems that this file format is not correctly parsed within EM. It might be due to the columns formatting. Reversed columns seem to be those which are of type text. Those which are decimal for example, are not impacted and correct.
Tell me if I can give you other precisions.

I checked it again – on our test files “Import from SAS” works correctly and text values are not reversed. However, it’s a complex format with lots of column types. Inversion is required in some cases. However it could be that our SAS drivers misunderstands some particular column type/endiness/etc and mistakenly reverses text values. We need to see a sample file where text values become reversed. If you can send one to us it would be very appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

You are right. After my ‘discovery’ I checked with sas7bdat sample files available on different sites.
Those (small sas7bdat files) were read correctly.
However, as discussed, some files are not. I’ll see what I can do ^^

Hello Dgudkov,

I made additional investigations today.
When the problem occurs, it affects string or text formatted columns as anticipated.
Sending you sample files with fake data.

The bug has been identified and fixed in version 3.9.4 build 21.

Please download the latest version from our web-site and check if everything works as expected.

Thank you for your help with diagnosing the problem.