Interpretation of +0001 and -0001

Hi team,

It seems to me as a bug even if I can feel the minus symbol is changing something, considered as a calculation to do for easymorph, so it forces it to evaluate ?

Still my question remains because it does not appear normal to me. Is it normal that when I paste this into easymorph :

Result is :

I expect either +00001 and -00001 or +1 and -1, but not so different results with only the sign changing

And is there anyway to preserve -00001 as it is ?

I can see that the “import delimited text file” action has the option to preserve text. At least would it be possible to have the same option for “import fixed width text” ? (it’s my case)

Hi @dgudkov , any update on this support topic ?

We will add an option to treat all values as text in the “Import fixed width text” action. The option will be available in version 4.7.1.

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That’s huge, thanks. It will make it easier to integrate numbers from mainframe technology.

It’s working like a charm in 4.7.1 thank you so much !

You’re welcome :slight_smile: