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Internal/system calculated Parameters [DONE]


For recording ETL audit events I would find it useful to be able to know the “name” of the project and perhaps the actual path to the project so that we could write that into a database table via a reusable project of some type. For example if the parent project is called “ETL-ClientExtract” and a reusable child project is called “Common-EventLog” which takes a parameter of [Project] then instead of hardcoding “ETL-ClientExtract” into the parent project EeasyMorph could expose the name of the parent project as a ‘parameter’ or special function like ‘user()’ that could then be used in other translation steps.


@bruce.gibbins good suggestion - I had something similar. My workaround is here: https://community.easymorph.com/t/path-of-calling-project/168/9


@bruce.gibbins, @joebo as per your feature request three new functions will be added in v3.6:

projectpath() -- returns the full path of current project.
callerpath() - returns the full path of the calling project.


filename(path) -- extracts file name (without extension) from a file path.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks. Really appreciate it.
Cheers, Bruce