Installing Dual Versions of EasyMorph

Hi, unless I’m missing something, when installing v4.2.1 there are no installation directory options?

I’m not sure if this has ever really been a proper option, but when beta-testing v4.0, we could select an installation path and effectively test the new version while still maintaining the existing version for project changes where there can be a lag between EM Server upgrades, for compatibility.

While I had to be diligent about ensuring which version of EM Desktop was running when editing, is this something that could be enabled as an advanced installation feature on a install-here-at-your-own-risk basis?

The installation path prompt was temporarily enabled in beta builds to allow it not interfere with production releases.

We would like to keep installation as simple as possible, given out predominantly non-technical user audience. Advanced users can install one version, rename the installation folder, then install another version.

Thanks - I can work with renaming the installation folder when I need to.