Install multiple version of EasyMorph Desktop


Can we install multiple versions of EasyMorph Deskop on 1 PC to evaluate new versions ?
How can we safely do this so that our connector repo or other files of the version we are currently using is not overwritten ?

Do we simply have to download the new version and install it in another directory ?

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You can install multiple versions of EasyMorph Desktop as long as you install them under different Windows accounts (users).

For instance, if you want to evaluate a new version of EasyMorph, create a temporary Windows user, log in as that user, and install the new version.

Installation folder cannot be selected during installation.


to run several versions of EM on the same desktop, I just copy the /appdata/local/EasyMorph folder and rename it
On my desktop I have

Then I install a new version into /appdata/local/EasyMorph over the previous version
I just had to create some shorcuts on my desktop to each version and voilà!


Yes, that works too :slight_smile: