Insert rows at the top of and excel file (above column names )

Hi Dimitry, Is there a way to insert 2 rows with text in the top of a table, before exporting to excel?

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Hi Anna, and welcome to the Community!

You can put the 2 rows in a separate table, and then append the main table to it using the “Append table” action.

@dgudkov if the Append table action is used, the appended rows will appear below the Column names.

I think @Afica is referring to this, review this topic:

Adding rows with information above column headers?

@Afica are you referring to this?

Hi @roberto , yes, indeed it is

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Hi @Afica,

Are the column names always going to be the same? If that’s the case, here I attach a sample project that would allow you to include the column names inside the actual table and include information above it. The information to be inserted above the column names can be calculated via formulas if needed. The column names that are inserted inside the table are obtained via “Table Metadata” action, that lists the column names, and then they are pivoted. Note that the column names will still be the headers and will have to be deleted in Excel.

Insert rows above column name.morph (6.4 KB)

Let me know if this is helpful.