Input transform

I am having a bit of trouble with the input transform in a module. The first action in the module “Writer” is input, but it is always blank.

The call looks like this:

You need to send or copy-paste sample data into “Input” to make it populated with data. If you ever sent/pasted data into “Sandbox”, it works exactly the same.

Select the action previous from “Call another module”, right-click and choose “Send to module Writer”. Alternatively, send to Clipboard (which is copying) and go to “Inbox” and paste it.

This sample data is only required for designing/debugging. During run time, the calling Call/Iterate action sends its input dataset to “Input” automatically.


Maybe this could be added to the instructions on the Call Module transform?

Or maybe better, make it a required step in the Input, and instead of send, call it "Setup Input Schema for Input.

Since that seems to be semantically what it is.

Now that we have modules since v4 it should be easier to semi-automatically populate Input actions. We’ll do something to make it simpler.