Incremental extract (TDE)

im considering using EasyMorph to make daily extracts for tableau (.tde files). My question is: can EasyMorph extract data incrementally?
Or can i exchange just part of data in .tde file? I mean, lets say i have tableau extract that contains data from last 3 years, and i want to extract data from database just for year 2017 and exchange the old 2017 data with new one, but keeping the 2015 and 2016 intact. Is it possible?

Hello Anici and welcome to the Community,

Current Tableau DataExtract API (which is used internally by EasyMorph) doesn’t allow incremental updates. However tabcmd allows incremental updates for existing data sources on Tableau Server. @andrew.rybka will provide more details on it.

Current Tableau DataExtract API doesn’t allow updating rows in existing TDE files. The solution would be to re-generate the TDE entirely with new 2017 data. You can do this with EasyMorph.

Hi Anici,

Here is an example project which appends TDE file, created by EasyMorph, to a datasource on a Tableau Server:
AppendToTDE.morph (3.8 KB)

It generates a sample dataset, exports it to a temp TDE file and publishes created file to a server with a help of tabcmd command line utility.

In order to make this project to work you have to:

  • In the “Run program” transformation set “Application” property to an actual path to your tabcmd.exe file;
  • Assign actual values to the following project parameters: TableauServerUrl, TableauServerUser, TableauServerPassword, TableauServerDatasource;
  • Assign actual values to TableauServerSiteID and\or TableauServerDatasource project parameters in case you datasource is located on a non-default Tableau Server site and\or Tableau Server project;
  • Make created temp TDE file to have exactly the same structure as a target datasouce.