In Easymorph Server, separate authentication and spaces choice [DONE]


Today when a user wants to connect to the server, he must pick a space and click on “Log in”. So spaces and login are “mixed” and the users see the whole list of spaces.

Would it be possible that the user first login and then only see the spaces he has the right to access ?

Because imagine you have a big list of spaces but you are only in one of them and you don’t know it by heart, it’s really not obvious to pick the good one, unless you try them all one by one …

That’s an interesting suggestion, thank you.

Note that it’s already possible to switch between available spaces once you get logged into one of them (see below).


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This is similar to my request from September 30th with one possible way to address this using the space name in the URL to bypass the drop-down list and/or option to hide list on main login page.

We don’t want to expose a list of workspaces during login. If we pass the workspace name in the URL it would be nice if the drop-down list was hidden and the password prompt appeared for that particular workspace (if password enabled). Note: the default home screen should have an option to control whether or not to display a list of workspaces if the above is implemented.

I’ll link that topic here to have it all in one place: Include support for workspace name in login URL

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The list of available space can now be hidden.