Improve sanitize with null or empty string


I use “sanitize” action before merge.
It’s like described in help.

Data have passed in several calc fnction and export into Excel.
After user do change on Excel file, I import data and I must use several marge to compute data to create SQL.

But merge doesn’t work when a field is empty. I can see if it’s null value, empty string or other things.
Sanitize doesn’t fix this issue. I must add another function to clean data with “modify column’s” action.
I used function as:


I think that sanitize should take into account that all empty (empty string, null, …) to replace by one unique (empty string or null) but alway the same.

What do you think about it?

We try to keep actions simple and orthogonal - i.e. actions don’t overlap in functionality. It it requires two actions, one to to sanitize and another to replace empty values, so be it. Fortunately, since EasyMorph doesn’t require all actions to be explicitly connected with arrows (unlike traditional ETL tools), it allows a dense representation of a workflow in which an extra action won’t hurt.

I understand, but there’s a problem.
Visually, we can’t see difference between empty text and null value.
Documentation for “sanitize” action is not precise enough.

An ETL must be reliable, and result must be reliable.
Without a detailed analysis of merge results, I wouldn’t have noticed that in the mass, a small part of result data was incorrect.

Warning when merge is not complete is not satisfactory.
The merge in question is not performed on all data. It’s a mapping. And one of the mapping columns may have empty text.

I think we need to update documentation and add a visual marker or color to show that some fields are empty.