Importing Large QVD Files


I am trying to convert some of our QVDs (from Qlik) to hyper files (for Tableau). I have a couple of very large files, the biggest being a little over 2 gbs. I need to do some more actions on this file but it needs to import first for me to be able to add additional actions. It currently takes about 30 minutes to import. I was wondering if there was a faster way to import these QVDs or not.

Thanks in advance!

That sounds abnormally long. QVDs have an internal data structure that is similar to EasyMorph's data structure, and therefore QVDs are loaded very quickly.

Make sure that you have enough RAM in your machine and that it doesn't run out of memory when loading the large QVD files. The long import time can be explained by memory swapping in Windows.

My machine has 16 GB of RAM and it was only using about 50% (even with Outlook, Teams, Task Manager, etc. running).

I was pulling it from a mapped drive over the network, so I used a remote desktop to log on and it went much faster and finished in just a few minutes. I think the issue was that it was such a large file coming over the network.

I also used the "Trim Table" action to test the actions. You just have to remember to remove it/disable it before you save the project and publish it to the server.

Yes, pulling a large file over a network instead of a local drive will definitely slow things down. Also, if a file is stored in a synched Google Drive or OneDrive folder, it will also load several times slower as the synchronization software interferes and slows down disk I/O.