Import from XLSX not working anymore with version 5.2.0

Just agreaded to new version - all our imports (possibly every single one) is getting the error:

Error: XML file of the ‘UploadLink’ worksheet has incorrect format. Can’t find the worksheet element or it’s first child element. Debug info: NodeType: None; Name: ; Depth: 0.
Source: action “Import Excel spreadsheet”, module “Main”, table “Table 12”

Is this a bug? We will revert to previous version for now.

These excels were mainly created by easymorph export.

They are also those that have also been originally sent by customer. I cant do further testing because I had to revert to previous version - we cant resave with excel command each time - reading excels is crucial to our flow without any workarounds - I hope that this is just a bug to solve on Easymorph end - because we would like to upgrate to new version once this is resolved, if it will be?

Hi, I did not notice that with Easymorph

I would try that : rename .xlsx as .zip. Then find the file “UploadLink.xml” and check the content. Do you find worksheet element ? And can you open your file and view your sheet inside excel ?

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