Import from Web API + Column Names


When I use the Web API, the column names that return have value{*} in front of it.

At the moment I use Table metadata to rename it.
Is there another way to do it?


Hi Rykie,

The “Import from Web API” action is a simplified version of a combination of “Web request” and “Parse JSON” actions. Therefore, you can replace “Import from Web API” with “Web request”, and then use “Parse JSON” for the “Request-Body” column.

The “Parse JSON” has the option to use only the last part of the JSON property path as the column name:


Thanks, Dmitry.

I tested both the “Import from Web API” and “Web Request”. I do not know why, but odata.maxpagesize in Import from Web API" allows me more than with Web Request. That is the reason I used the Import from Web API. I will try the Web Request again - and yes, the field names parse as I expected in the Web Request. I can just keep on doing the work around. Thx