Import from One Drive or Sharepoint - Server Version

Hi Easymorph Community

When I use Desktop version, I can import / save a file from Sharepoint / One Drive.
If I move this to Sever Environment, I am not sure how to do it.
Server version is loaded on my laptop.

I created 2 parameters. One for the root folder (C:\Users|Rykie\OneDrive -
And then my file = (\Documents\MOCK_DATA(5).csv

On the server I can then replace my root folder - but I am not sure to what?


I also looked into mapping a drive - Currently my one drive is mapped


but not sure how to add that in a UNC path

Any pointers will be appreciated.

cc @Rowan @Hendrik_Lombard

Hi @Rykie ! Server tasks are just like local Desktop workflows, but if you’re trying to load a local file (not Sharepoint, I see you use Import text delimited file action) server task would look for a file relative to project placement. For example, if you save your project to c:\Users\Public\Documents\Morphs\csvupload.morph and input test.csv in Load file box of Import text delimited file action, then Server would look for c:\Users\Public\Documents\Morphs\test.csv upon task execution.

Thanks, Olexandr.

Is there another way this can be done?
The onedrive sink with Sharepoint. Otherwise it would mean that each file needs to be uploaded to the easymorph public folder.


You mean, directly transfer file from OneDrive to Sharepoint? No, unfortunately this is not possible. To perform a sync you really need to download a file locally, then upload it to Sharepoint and (optionally) delete temporary leftover local file afterwards

My OneDrive Sync with SharePoint. If the EasyMorph Server cannot pick up the files from my OneDrive or from SharePoint directly, then the work around will be to save the file on both OneDrive and my EasyMorph Server directory.
I was trying to avoid that.

Hey Rykie,

Did saving the files directrly to the EasyMorph Server work for you? I’m trying to do the same instance, how were you able to save directly to the Easymorph Server?