Import File - Create EasyMorph Native version automatically option

I know it’s possible to do this as part of the workflow, and even to use iteration feature to make bulk updates, but now I’ve been using the EasyMorph native files I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to just work from them by default.

So it got me thinking that maybe there could be an option in the Import Files (e.g. CSV, Excel etc.) to just automatically create a .dset version to run off - if you Reload and run the import (which would assume some change in the source file) the .dset would be overwritten.

Ideally there would be a default setting in the options to always have this enabled, but the option to enable/disable in the Import File settings.

If this is enabled, it could be reflected in the icon for quick reference, Maybe an overlay of the EM icon below the green arrow?

The .dset would be created in the same folder as the CSV.

Another option to bulk process (e.g. CSVs) could be under the Workflow Actions with a “Create EasyMorph Dataset” action where you could choose one file or a list of files to process and create EasyMorph versions of the files.

So you could set up a workflow like this:


Where you get a list of files, filter by file extension (CSV for eg) and then add an action to create .dest versions of the files in the list.

This would probably also work with Parameters and the “Shared memory” action? This would allow you to streamline and only convert the files you needed based on some other input, for eg in my case it depends on whether a Client is from Entertainment, Music, Sport etc. we process a core set of data but different datasets for different markets. This would save us converting a whole directory of files, say 100, when we only needed 10 in a specific case. This would significantly increase the efficiency of the data processing, especially with multiple clients and scaling etc. It would also save having to move/copy files etc in order to achieve the same thing.