Import figures in "scientific format"

Hello and Best wishes for 2020 for EM Community! May health, serenity and professional success accompany you throughout this new year!

I have an issue when importing data from csv file: it contains figures written with “scientific format” e.g. 1,1E-05 as example (see screenshot here joined). I have to make calculation with them but EM doesn’t recognize them as numbers and I didn’t succeed in convert them into datatype numbers. May someone help me?

Thanks a lot in advance,
PS: I changed import options to decimal separator = comma, it doesn’t solve my problem :frowning:

Thank you for the wishes, @Arnaud!

Here is a sample project that parses numbers in the “scientific format” into decimal numbers in EasyMorph. Hope that helps.

parse-scientific-number.morph (2.9 KB)


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