Import Excel from 3rd party parser

I’ve downloaded the trial version of EasyMorph. I have a converted pdf file to an excel file (.xlsx) to import. There is a report header, details, and report footer. If I browse to select the import file without column headers, it provides only one column with the first column/row in the workspace. If I copy/paste the spreadsheet to the workspace into EasyMorph, I’m able to see all the columns in the spreadsheet.
Can you guide why I have to copy/paste vs. selecting the file from windows explorer to work with all the columns in the spreadsheet?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Elyse,

The 3rd party parser may create an Excel file that doesn’t strictly follow the specifications. We see it quite often. Does the problem remain if you re-save the file in Excel and after that open it in EasyMorph? Typically, re-saving file in Excel helps fix files created in 3rd party tools.

The reason why copy/pasting works is because when you copy a range in Excel it’s copied as tab-delimited text, not a spreadsheet.

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Resaving worked perfectly. Thank you!!!


Any chance we can get the original file that was produced by the 3rd party utility? We would like to examine it and see if we can tweak EasyMorph to deal with the non-standard format produced by the utility. If yes, please send the file to