Import directly from PowerBI dataset

Hi EM community,

My question is: Is there an option to import data directly from powerBI? Or will be such a function in EasyMorph?

Hi Andras and welcome to the Community!

To my knowledge (which may be obsolete), Microsoft doesn’t provide a public API to retrieve data from Power BI datasets. Do you have any specific example in mind?

Hello there,

Right now I have a project, where I have to export a dataset to excel, and update it every time before it. But excel has a row limit in 1,x million lines, so I have to make some data reduction, which I’d like to do it in easymorph.So, I was thinking if it was possible to run some querry (similar like the to database) to get it from PBI, since it’s possible rn to push data to power bi.

Solved in an other way, with scripting in VBA

Do you mind sharing your solution with the Community?

Thank you

Hej Dmitry,

Yes, please follow the link to stackoverflow: