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Hi Team,
I have a .txt file, which I would like to import into easymorph and transform to a compact report.
I used coding ANSI and also UTF-8, but in both cases, I was not able to see data after importing.
The delimiter should be “|”.
Can you please advice, what am I doing wrong? Or is there the better option to create macro in excel, which will import from .txt and save as .xlsx? Please note that the text is in german, so there are “ü”,“ö”,“ä” used in the text.
The .txt file contains sensitive information, so I shall send only picture. At least you can see how the structure looks like.
Thanks a lot for help in advance,
Kind regards,
Zsofia K.

You could replace all signs you crossed out with ‘x’. Then you could upload an original file without problems. :slight_smile:

Apart from the header, there are 5 different types of rows(which all need different handling):

  • Lines beginning with 'Kunde"
  • Lines in the format of the header ( with delimiter ‘|’)
  • Lines containing “Order-Nr”
  • Lines containing “Gesamt”
  • Lines containing “Text” (inlcuding those with the same offset)

Which of these lines do you need in the end?

If you answer it and provide the testfile, I would try to solve it this weekend.



Hello dear Jochen,
thanks for the info, I updated the .txt file in order to have required info.
I made another snip highlighting information, which I need.
I’ll explain below as well:

  • Kunde - after the word Kunde there is the customer number and the it continues with customer name. I need both, in 2 columns.
    -In the next row there is the invoice number + invoice code. I need both, in 1 column forst the code and the the invoice numer.
  • Next to the invoice code (e.g. ABC), there are 2 dates - invoice date and due date, I need both in 2 columns.
    -There should be also 2 columns ‘SPE’ and ‘MS’, those are also codes and if there is some code, then it is visible in the same row as invoice number and the due date.
    -Finally I need the amount, column ‘Betrag’ and the amount is also in the same row as invoice and other invoice concerning information.
    xxx.txt (8.1 KB)

Hi Zsofia,

sorry for the late response, but it was my last week before vacation and I had a lot to do.

Here is my proposal. Maybe not the most beautiful, but it seems to work (at least as I understood your problem :slight_smile: ).
Community - Import delimited text (2.8 KB)

Please let me know whether this meets your requirements.
It would be great if someone has proposals to simplify the project. Please keep me informed.

Have a nice weekend.



Hi Jochen,
sorry for my late reply.
You helped me a lot, the report looks readable now.
Thanks and wishing a nice day.

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