Identifying Hashtags in Text Field

Is there an easy way to parse out hashtags from a text field and put only the hashtag in a separate field.

We have a text field in our CRM that users add their “call notes” to. We are asking them to use a hashtag to flag management on certain activities. For example, we might want to know when they are making a joint sales call with their manager, so we have them use “#jointcall” as a flag (so to speak). In the same note, we may want them to identify a key piece competitive information with "#compintel. I’d like to parse both of these out in a new field in a list, if possible.

I’m open to any suggestions on a solution as it doens’t necessarily have to be exactly as I requested…just something similar.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Jason and welcome to the Community!

You can use the “Regular expression” action to detect words that look like hashtags. The regular expression pattern can be, for instance, #[\w]*. More about regex patterns here.

Here is an example:

hashtag-detection.morph (2.8 KB)

Two words…life saver!

Thank you! I had stumbled on the regex expressions last night and was able to make them work with limited success using the “Calculate New Columns” action…but COMPLETELY missed the the “regular expression” action.

This solution worked very well…and thank you for the quick response!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: