Icon for custom project module and table/project annotations

It would be a nice innovation to be able to insert an icon for the project recall action.
Practically, if I am recalling a project, instead of the project recall action icon, the icon chosen for that project is displayed in order to clearly distinguish in the flow where a specific project is recalled.

Another related point (always related to documentation) it could be useful to insert notes for tables and projects (such as notes for actions) and it would also be useful for these notes to be clearly visible at interface level

Thanks for the suggestions.

Did you know that you can already annotate modules and tables and these annotations are shown in the documentation too? These annotations are shown in the sidebar.


Yes, but it would be nice to see the notes directly in the table, perhaps under the title and in the form instead when hovering the mouse with a tooltip for example.
Furthermore, if an expression could be set when assigning parameters instead of a pre-set parameter, it would be very useful.
For example: I need to create a module to run application logs both to set a state and to write a log file and I would like to be able to have evidence where this module is called (icon for the log module I created). To do this I would currently have to create an additional column to calculate the values to pass to the module itself with the problem of perhaps having to eliminate this column because it is not needed for the subsequent steps, so it would be useful to be able to set an expression

Furthermore, it would be very useful to be able to set global project parameters without having to pass some parameters to all dependent projects.

Another very useful thing would be an action that can pause only the next one