I want to fix heading in the first of output file

Really Sorry.
I spent last night and this morning. But I don’t solve it.
Please help me.
This is my work project.
work.morph (8.1 KB)
And these are import files.Spreadsheet A.xlsx (13.8 KB) Spreadsheet B.xlsx (8.9 KB)
And these are output files.TSSSA.xlsx (7.0 KB) MSA.xlsx (7.0 KB)
And these are output files I want.MSA_want.xlsx (9.8 KB) TSSSA_want.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Hello, everyone.
passed a few days, I want to know if it is possible with EasyMorph.

Please explain the problem.

Thanks for your reply.
I want to fix my heading when I export.
This is screenshot.