I need to be able to update a parameter from a query or from the shared memory


As a long time ssis user, I’m missing very often the ‘write to parameter’ possibility.

For example this case,
I have a list of 2 columns that I want to email,

Please note I like to “insert the input dataset as HTML table” (so no attachment)

When I used my own email address, all was fine,

Now I need to fetch the email address ‘list’ from the Shared Memory. (we are 3-4p receivers)

I can add the shared memory step before and choose to add the email addresses as ‘first value of column’
But then I lose the dataset to insert for my email.
I can append the email addresses, and rearrange my columns order, but then the email addresses will be part of the list in my email.

For the record, in ssis, I would be a previous step writing the shared memory value to a parameter and that be the end of it.
Of course I am sure you have a good reason this is not possible in EM. (and respect that)

What’s the easiest way to solve my problem anyway.
(possibly I’m completely overseeing a very simple solution but I’m only using EM for a few weeks:))

Thanks in advance

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You can “write” into a parameter (effectively, assign it a value) when you call or iterate another module. So in this case, fetch the email address(es) from Shared Memory, and then call another module that would send the email. In the “Call” action, assign parameters.

To pass the dataset into the called module, use the “Input” action. In this case, in the called module you can remove the column with email addresses before sending the email and use a parameter to specify the recipient(s).

The reason parameters are immutable (non-writeable) in EasyMorph is that it allows automatic parallelization of workflow execution that greatly increases performance without any action required from the user.