I launch EasyMorph Launcher and all is freezed

Hello, I have a new situation with the EasyMoph Launcher.

I need create a new task, I launch EasyMorph Launcher and all is freezed, I can access to parameters of task. To unlock I need to use "Esc".

Have you any idea about a solution ?


Can you please clarify - what do you mean by "all is freezed"? What exactly do you unlock with "Esc"? Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

Freezed, mouse/keyboard keep blocked
I need press the "Esc" key to unlock mouse/key board

There isn't a message, I can't send you a screen shoot


If it's frozen, how can you access the parameters of the task?

A screenshot would still be helpful to understand what state the application is in.

Yesterday I only had at the "EasyMorph Launcher" screen without access to "Task properties", today I can acces to properties
Not understand why ?