Hyphen in Database Name causes Syntax Error


I am currently looking at your product for a future project and as such am using the Free edition. So far I am very impressed with the usability and intuitiveness of EasyMorph - congratulations.

However, I have come across an issue which I believe is a bug and is repeatable.

I have created a Connector to a database called TGM-BNE-DW on an SQL Server. The connector TESTS correctly and shows a list of tables. However, if I then attempt to run a QUERY I receive the message “Could Not retrieve column names: Incorrect syntax near ‘-’” as per the attached screen shot.

There are no hyphens in the table name or the column names. However, there is a “-” in the database name.

As an experiment I created a new database with no hyphen in the name and re-scripted the table into thenew database. EasyMorph happily shows the columns and I can execute a query. Therefore, to me it is not handling the “-” in the database name


Looks like a bug, indeed. Thanks for reporting it! Will keep you posted on the progress.

@andrew.rybka Looping you in.

No Problems at all. You are welcome.


This has been fixed. Get the updated version ( from the download page.

Thanks. Looks Good. Appreciate the excellent response and quick turn-around time. cheers