How to yearly schedule a project?


How can I schedule a project on a yearly basis on EM sever?
We have some projects that only need to run once in a year. It would be nice also to be able to schedule them as recurrent yearly task.

Thanks !

EasyMorph doesn’t have yearly schedules. Use the “Once” schedule and re-schedule it every year.

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That’s not so practical. Any plans to have this option in the near future or maybe a fully customizable option for the schedule ?

Is there a workaround to achieve it ?

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I had same issue, I just copied the schedule x times per x years ( In my case 3 year’s horizon) and put the calendar date and time that I wanted. so you have in my case 3 scheduled tasks.

Thanks Jmarques but that could be confusing to have a bunch of the same tasks… ?

Another solution could be to schedule it continuously and make a decision workflow in the EasyMorph project itself and let the job fail based on a condition for example based on the current day.
If current_day (day/month, not year) != run_date (day/month) then do nothing, else run the job.
Something like that…?

That can work - you can set up a monthly schedule and then check inside the project only for particular month. Failing is not necessary - you can use conditional branching. See Halt on condition without error.

Thanks Dmitry,

I shall give it a try !

I have similar. I have a task that runs 1 project, that project reads all folders that have files that should be produced (with the respective timestamp) in a certain date e.g.

if daily: file timestamp = today()
if yearly: file timestamp = year()

If condition fails, there is an email sent to a number of individuals, works very well actually.