How to transfer, convert a text into a RTF format?

Is there a way that I can transform one single column in an Easymorph output to a RTF format field?
Our customer has a long-text field which has to be uploaded to the ERP system as a RTF format field. Is there any chance to change the format to RTF in Easymorph?
Thanks for your support Michael

Hi @MicDole, can you provide an example of the content the rich text format field would have?


Hello, thanks for your reply.
Data input is a CSV file. Attached an example.
Inside the file you find a column which is called “Long_Description”.
The goal is to transfer - next to many other tasks - this column only into an RTF format.
This is required by the ERP system to load the “long text value”.

I attached the CSV example and one already loaded XLSX file. You find this specific column in column AY.
Hope that helps.
Thanks, Michael

Info-LongText.csv (3.2 KB)
Info-LongText.xlsx (28.4 KB)

Hye @MicDole,

The “Long_Description” field in the XLSX has no specific formatting. What kind of formatting are you referring to?

EasyMorph can’t export .rtf files, these are not used for data but for word processing and such.

Maybe there’s something I’m not understanding!



thanks for your reply.
I believe you understand everything correct.

The issue or requirement is:

  1. The source file is coming out of a cloud metadata file and is stored in a CSV file
  2. All fields are either numbers or text fields.
  3. The “Long_Description” field is a text field
  4. I am now manipulating the file to make it ERP ready
  5. And the difficult request is that the “Long_Description” field should have a RTF format
    Here is a description from the ERP team: RTF - Rich Text Format (tutorial)

So one idea would be that I only extract the main ID value which is called EAN and the “Long_Description” field.
But if you say Easymorph cannot provide RTF format or export RTF files - I need to use a different tool.
Or do you have any other idea.

Thanks a lot for all of your support

Hello @MicDole,

Thanks for the additional details, however I’m not sure how to proceed. If the source file is a CSV, the text there will be unformatted - so their wouldn’t be any RTF format annotations to take into account in the output file, right?

I don’t know what can be done here. @dgudkov, any ideas?


RTF files are just text files similar to XML, just a different markup syntax. While there is no “Export to RTF” action in EasyMorph, I suspect the contents of an RTF file can be generated with EasyMorph actions and functions, and then exported using the “Export plain text” action – a generic action for writing text files.

However, from the provided examples and description, I still can’t understand how “Long_Description” should look in the RTF format. Should it be an RTF table (like here)? Or should it be formatted in a specific way - colors, fonts, boldness, italic? What’s the expected result?

@MicDole can you post an example of an RTF file that your ERP system expects, produced from the source data in your post above?