How to show multiple series in one chart

Hello, I just started using this cool software. I ran into a simple issue. I want to show 3 series at the same time in one chart. But the chart only shows 1. (Or maybe it’s showing all 3 series, but because the magnitudes of the data is too different, so you can’t see them at all? In that case, can you drop it down without modifying the data, only modifying the chart layout settings? [update: I just manually normalized the data so they go to the same scale. Still not showing all 3 series…]) Any hints here? Thanks a lot!

Oh, one more quick question. How can I change that number format like 10000000000 into something like 1 million or 1,000,000? Thanks again.

In another word, I only see one very simple chart available in the software, without many customization options. Is that the case? Do I need to bring the data in Excel or other dashboards to create visualizations?


After I manually divided the revenue by a billion, number of workers by a thousand, I can easily make this in Google Spreadsheets. But still not in Easy Morph.

Make sure that the bar composition is set to “Neighbors”. If it’s set to “Overlap” then the last series will overlap the previous ones, and if it has large values, the other series won’t be visible. Alternatively, drag total revenue left to make it first.


When you change the format of column with series data, number formatting in chart also changes. To change format of a column click its header, then change format in the sidebar.


Charts in EasyMorph are simple, that’s true. If you need more advanced charting use Excel, or Tableau, or any other data visualization tool.