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How to send email with KPI metrics as HTML table

In v4.5 we’ve added the ability to insert the input dataset of the “Send email” action as HTML table in the email body. It makes it very easy to send (e.g. on schedule) emails with small tables right in the table body instead of attachments.

For this check the “Insert input dataset as HTML table” option in the action. The option is available only in the “HTML” mode.

In the screenshot below, the input dataset of the “Send email” action has 3 rows with metrics “Sales revenue”, “Orders”, and “Shipments”. The dataset is inserted into the email message body.

Here is what the received email message looks like:


This feature makes is very easy to send daily short summaries with KPIs to those who need it. It would also work great in email alerts.

With a bit of creativity you can set up an EasyMorph Server task where people would subscribe/unsubscribe themselves to/from various notifications in a self-service manner.

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