How to report validation failures?


I’d like to run a number of validations over the imported data and be able to ‘report’ on any exceptions.
Ideally I would like to append each record that fails validation to a separate table, populating a column that indicates which validation test it failed.

These would then be reviewed by the data owners.

How would I achieve this in EasyMorph?

Apologies if this is a noob question, I’m new to EasyMorph and haven’t yet found an answer.

Hi @DoStep and welcome to the community!

Here is a simplified example project:

ValidateRows.morph (6.0 KB)

Its workflow is as follows:

  • Use the “Rule” action to create a column with validation errors. Note that only the first found error will be added to that column.
  • Use the “Derive table” action and filters to separate valid and invalid rows
  • Use the “Derive table” action in the “On condition” mode to handle invalid rows (this example
    stores invalid rows in a CSV file and sends it via email).

Please refer to the following tutorial for more details on the “On condition” mode: