How to read excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs and write each tab to a separate spreadsheet?


I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs. I was hoping someone has an example of how import that spreadsheet with multiple tabs and write each tab out in a separate file. I put together a quick example of the spreadsheet with multiple tabs, and the separate files I was hoping to achieve. I’d like to be able to assign each tab name to a parameter so that I can use it to build a folder path and file name with that value included in them. as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.

[Client1.xlsx|attachment](upload://gXrkTXCoO29haNV1o0bIaKeWH1k.xlsx) (8.7 KB) [Client2.xlsx|attachment](upload://j1FMmad8QU6dPPEwndfZsgLchMb.xlsx) (8.6 KB) [Client3.xlsx|attachment](upload://tdrXpPfqVXgXV7El2PDtEym3pS9.xlsx) (8.6 KB) [Input Spreadsheet Multiple Tabs.xlsx|attachment](upload://bpylTFnTax3vIo2zCyOm1yfx5KH.xlsx) (10.3 KB)

You will need to use iterations for this task. Check out this topic: How to import several tabs from an Excel file?

PS. It looks like attaching files didn’t work in your post.