How to read EBCDIC files

To import data from a EBCDIC file in EasyMorph use the ANSI encoding, and choose the appropriate EBCDIC code page (e.g. “EBCDIC International”).

Note that it may be necessary to apply the “Sanitize text” action in order to remove system characters that may come in the beginning of each line.

Here is a sample project that reads a EBCDIC file found somewhere on the internet. (1.3 KB)

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How would you recognize a “new-line” character in EBCDIC?

I’ve tried a «split into rows» action with the 15 or 40 character (see image) in the “Custom separator editor” but it didn’t work.

Any idea?


Got it. When a regular FTP client (ex: Filezilla) import a file from a FTP server, it converts it in ASCII, and, by doing so, replace every new-line character by CRLF (0D 0A in hex). Easymorph import the file from the ftp server without conversion but hence lose the new-line character during the process.

Is there a workaround?

Or a workaround for this…?

Hi Nicolas and welcome to the community!

If it possible for you to share that file with us? If so - you can send it to our support email.

No, sorry. Sensitive info. :wink:

But I have found this piece of information

Still working on it.

Nicolas, I was able to successfully import one of our test CSV files with newline characters replaced with
the 15 character. Here is an example project: (1.7 KB)

What was the problem when you tried to use the “Split into rows” action?