How to open a new easymorph project from currently opened window?

When I open a new EM-project from an already opened project, the current project closes down. How can I open a new project while the current project keeps opened?

Right-click menu in the “Recent projects” and “Favorite projects” lists has an “Open in new Window” item.

Also when you open EasyMorph project from a Windows Explorer, it will always be opened in a new window.

Hi Andrew,

My point is that when I click on new project, it does not create 2 seperate windows.
Example: I open project A, go back to start tab click on another project B, then project A is closed down.

I would like to be able to create new blank projects in a new window while I am working in another project. That only seems to be possible when I copy paste a morph file and then from explorer window I open that copied project. Then I get 2 separate windows. It would be nice to be able to open 2 separate windows from the application.

Thanks in advance

Nikolaas, just open another instance of EasyMorph. Pin EasyMorph to the Windows taskbar for one-click launch with a blank project. No need for a special button for this in EasyMorph.