How to merge multiple sheets from one Excel xlsb or xlsx file

How does EasyMorph merge multiple Excel tab worksheets from the same file?
I ask because I've seen scenarios where people will populate multiple tabs with data to overcome the 1,048,576 row physical limitation.

Will EasyMorph even will read the xlsb format (which is the Excel binary format used for higher compression)? I found myself having to manually open xlsb and save each sheet as a separate csv file for later processing. It would be helpful to create an workflow to process xlsb "as-is" with multiple tabs and combine them into one table with a similar ease as when bulk importing multiple files.

When several worksheets are selected, the "Import Excel spreadsheet" action loads them one by one and merges them into a single in-memory dataset. It works in the same way as when you load each worksheet individually and then merge them with several "Append another table" actions in the "Append rows at the bottom" mode.

As for the XLSB format, the "Import Excel spreadsheet" action doesn't support it, but you don't have to save it as CSV files. You can save it as a simple XLSX file, and EasyMorph will be able to import it.