How to manage webhook queue

Hello everyone,

I need some help with the new webhook features added in the 5.0 release. I followed the steps in the manual to configure the Easymorph Gateway and I suppose I connected it correctly to my external gateway. Messages are posted correctly on the Easymorph Gateway, I can see there are actually 500+ messagges in the queue, but at the moment I do not know how to process them.

Here the configuration of my incoming webhook action, the webhook endpoint should be fine (no url or auth parameters) but as you can see in the picture I still receive data from 01/14 or 01/15 which is the first date I ran this job. I’ve tried to uncheck the “don’t delete messages from queue” option but then it comes into this warning

and no data are received. How should I manage this job in a way that allows me to dynamically fetch the most recent messages whenever I run it?

Thank you so much

After you pull messages with ‘Receive’ command, they actually don’t get deleted and are just removed for 24 hours, until you confirm what messages were actually processed with Confirm action:

If you don’t confirm that messages were processed, they would resurface again in 24 hours. This is made to ensure that no messages will be lost ever, even in case the receiving workflow fails for some external reason (local file / database access error etc etc) after messages are read by the Receive webhook action.

So, your receiving project should be composed of three logic steps:

  1. Receive webhook action →
  2. Process received messages (save, take actions etc) →
  3. (and, if everything is good) Confirm webhook action with message IDs from the first step.

Unfortunately, I don’t know whether this topic is described somewhere in webhelp, webhook gateway documentation is still being developed

A small correction: the “Confirm” command is optional. The confirmation will happen in any case automatically if the workflow finishes without errors.

Whenever you run a workflow, it fetches up to 10 messages from the Gateway queue.

If the workflow finishes successfully, the messages are considered processed and are removed from the queue.

If the workflow fails, the messages are returned to the queue.

The warning says that your daily quota for message processing has been exhausted. We will increase it so that you can experiment more.

Daily quotas limit how many messages can be processed in the last 24 hours. A queue may not be empty, but if your daily quota expires, the messages can’t be retrieved from the queue until the “last 24h” message counter falls below the quota. You can see how many messages have been processed in the last 24 hours in tab “Gateway” of the Server.

@aoliosi your message quota was increased to 10k per day. Note that the gateway service is billed separately and the quota is provided for evaluation only.

Thank you so much for your support,

I’ll talk about this service to our local distributor