How to manage EasyMorph Server Versions


Currently I have server version
I don’t have any alert about update and this page shows version 4.6.2 and 4.7.

How to have alert about update ?
Can I directly start installation to update without any problem?

Thanks in advance for information.

Hello Florent,

We typically trigger update notifications a few days after a new version is published on our website. This gives us some time to fix minor things that weren’t discovered during testing.

Once the update notification is displayed in EasyMorph Desktop, you can download and install both updated Desktop and Server versions from our website.

Most frequently, updates are done by simply rolling over a newer version. However, both Desktop and Server installers come with Release Notes. It is highly recommended to read Release Notes prior to updating to a newer version. The document may contain notifications about breaking changes or special actions to be taken before updating. You may need to do preparations before updating to a newer version.

Notice that for Server installations in production environments, we provide 30-day test keys that you can use to set up a test installation of the newer Server versions. To get a test key, send a request to our support email (