How to I add Parentheses to a negative number?

My report has numbers with negative signs, for example -5000. I want it to look like (5000). How do I do that in Easymorph?

Hi Bhumika and welcome to the Community!

EasyMorph doesn’t have a number formatting with parentheses to display numbers in tables.

You can create a new column with formatted text that will look like a number. The expression can be as follows:

IF [Number]<0 THEN '(' & abs([Number]) & ')' ELSE astext([Number])

Thank you very much. It worked perfectly fine. But I faced one problem. The format of the number changed from number to text.

Example: Numbers -100, -5298, 895, 634 changed to (100), (5298), 895, 634 but all as Text. I tried converting the text back to number but the ones with parentheses (negative numbers) stayed as text and the one without parentheses (positive numbers) converted to numbers.

This won’t allow me to perform any mathematical functions like Sum.

Is there a fix for that?

Thank you again.

Alas, EasyMorph is a data preparation tool, it’s not a reporting application. It’s not intended for producing highly formatted reports.

You can perform all the necessary calculations, and add a formatted text representation only at the end, when no other operations are required.