How to handle alphanumeric in if condition

Hello team,

I was using a column which was already converted to text. There are instances where the values such as Y320, Y321 , Y420 etc occur.

When I am using the if condition its not evaluating the true rather false condition always.

=if([Entity]=“Y320” , “Pass” , “fail”)

Could you please help what am I doing wrong or suggest how to handle Alphanumeric text in if conditions?


Hello Vaibhav,

The expression looks correct to me. Are you sure that your values don’t contain leading or trailing whitespace characters?

Hello @andrew.rybka,

Yes the value doesnt contain any leading or trailing whitespaces.

As a double check I added ‘sanitize’ action to remove them, but still the same result.

Can you please create an example project which replicates this behavior?

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